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What is Tejo?

Photoshopped models on instagram and tick tock, convince us of a product's efficacy. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it's maybelline. In the modern context it has become, maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a filter. The whole point of cosmetics is to look good in real life. Why then are brands using technology to alter our faces? Make our eyes bigger, change the shape of our face? Girls are more insecure than ever about their bodies and faces. Why are brands enthusiastically embracing a technology that seeks to not just show users what a lipstick would look like on, but with plastic surgery as well procedures. Tejo focuses on what is real, and what will work, what is backed by science and will get results.


Let me backup a bit. Technology companies that offer virtual makeup services are incentivised to make selfies more shareable on social media. They are incentivised to increase conversions, and often do not track statistics on the long term impact on their customers and end consumers. Ultimately they do not solve the underlying problem of making it easy to buy makeup online. 


Brands are bombarded with case studies that outline how users shared thousands of pictures online with filters. It helps boost sales. Consumers are more likely to buy a product if they think not only will this paint my lips red, it will remove my wrinkles too. 


The problem is when customers use the products in real life. The lipstick only made their lips red.  They are disappointed they don’t look like Scarlette johanson. Maybe they shared the picture on social media. But they aren’t happy with the buying process.


Trust is what fuels brand’s growth. I will buy a product without trying it If I trust the brand. I will re purchase a product every two months, because it makes me look amazing in real life. Not a filter, not online, but in person, on a date, walking down the street.


I don’t care if you make a filter that makes me  look like scarlette johanson why would that make me want to buy your lipstick? I can just use the free filter when ever I post to social media. What will make me what to buy it is if you can say, out of all the reds this one is going to suit my complexion the best. It won’t dry out your lips. It will work with my lip care routine. AND it’s the same shade scarlette johanson wore on the red carpet.