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Tejo: Skin Care Recommendations


An ideal skin care routine: no dermatologists needed.

Scan your face. Know your skin. Buy your perfect routine. Recommend a skin care routine custom tailored to your customers skin. Educate your customers about your product line and give them the confidence to buy a product perfectly suited for them.

Skip the need for expensive staff, while still offering excellent customer service. Reduce your customer service costs while increasing sales. Tejo can increase customer satisfaction because results are immediate and can be more accurate then a human assessment.

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Learn about your customer's needs

When users' scan their faces We gather information about their skin condition, race gender, skin tone, ect. Tejo offers an interface where companies can download the customer results as a spreadsheet. You can use this information to better understand your customers and learn where you can grow. The information collected can be used in a variety of ways:

  •     Mailing lists:

    • When users scan their face they have the option to leave their e-mail. Our data set associates their e-mail with their skin assessment. Now you can create highly targeted mailing lists. For example you could promote a new concealer that matches the user's skin tone and will help cover their hyper pigmentation. The tailored mailing lists will help you increase click through rates by connecting your customers relevant content and products.

  • Learn about your adds:

    • create different links for your adds. This will allow you to monitor who clicks through on your adds. This will allow you to better asses which target demographics will result in the highest ROI.

  • understand where you can grow:

    • The information we collect about your customers will give you insight into what other products they may need. You may discover that a large proportion of your serum users struggle with rosacea.